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Photo ID: 1015004
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Model: P-35, SEV-S2 Registration: NR70Y
Year: 1937 Serial Number: c/n 43
Engine(s): P&W R1830, 950-HP Owner:
Location: Unknown Photographer: From the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: Late 1930's Present Registration: Aircraft scrapped, 1937 Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 2/6/04 - The Seversky P-35 was the first modern American fighter aircraft.

NR70Y is a Seversky SEV-S2, a civilian version of the P35 pursuit plane modified for the Nationals. Frank Fuller Jr., a wealthy heir of the Fuller Paint Company, flew this aircraft in the 1937-38-39 Bendix Trophy Races. It was modified by lowering the canopy and making some other aerodynamic refinements to reduce drag.

These famous races flew Los Angeles to Cleveland, OH and on to Bendix, NJ. Fuller took first place in 1937 at 258-MPH; second place in 1938 at 238-MPH; and first place again in 1939 at 282-MPH.

Note that these speeds were achieved with the early, 950-HP P&W R1830 "Twin Wasp". One wonders what this aircraft would have done with the later, 1200 and 1350-HP engines as used in the DC-3, C-47 series and other aircraft!

This photo was taken with race number 23, which was also on the sides of the fuselage.

Photo ID: 1015005
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Notes: NR70Y helped establish the reputation of Seversky's company when it was used in the 1938 film "Test Pilot", with Clark Gable at the controls.

This photo does not have the racing number and was taken at a different time than the one above.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus Collection

Photo ID: 1015006
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Notes: Another shot of NR70Y, but without the Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Standard info on the cowling. The modified canopy is obvious in this photo, fairly well confirming the aircraft's identity. I welcome any corrections.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus Collection
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