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Fairchild C-119G, C-119L Photos
Photo ID: 1011578
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Model: Fairchild C-119G/L Flying Boxcar Registration: N8504Z
Year: 1952 Serial Number: USAF 53-7836, c/n 11253
Engine(s): Wright R3350-89B, 18-Cyl., Twin Row Radial, 3500-Hp Owner: Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, AK
Location: PAFA, Fairbanks International, Fairbanks, AK Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July, 2004 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 12/16/04 - This was one of the more active post-military C-119's, having flown at least 600-hours since sold government surplus in 1979. N8504W was built as a C-119G, USAF 53-7836, tail number 37836, Fairchild c/n 11253.

Some FAA documents show it as a C-119G, others a C-119L. Story is, it was built as a C-119G and converted for the military to an "L" in accordance with USAF T.O. 1C-119-688. It is certificated in Restricted Category, under FAA Type Certificate Date Sheet A5NW, as a C-119L.

One way the C-119G differs from its predecessor, the 'F, is its 3624-gal. fuel capacity (2624 in the wings plus two 500-gal. fuselage aux tanks) compared to the 'F's 1454-gal in the wings.

I believe that 22 C-119G's were converted to the 'L. Part of the difference is replacing the 4-bladed prop with the Hamilton Standard, 3-bladed 43H60-605. They use the Wright R3350-89 series engines of 3500-HP for takeoff, alcohol injected, low blower and 2900-RPM.
Fairchild C-119, N8504W, 53-7836, 37836
Photo ID: 1011579
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Notes: Hawkins & Powers Aviation, from Greybull, WY, has STC SA1549NM for mounting a Westinghouse J-34 on the top. That is the same engine as used under the wing of the P2V Neptune and I would guess it's a welcome boost on a heavy C-119. The "Know Fear" inscribed on the nose would be even more true without the J-34!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, J-34 Jet Engine
Photo ID: 1011580
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Notes: The clamshell doors swing out for loading cargo.

Several operators used (or at least owned) N8504Z over the years. Everts Air Fuel bought it around 1993 and set it up for hauling bulk fuel but I don't know how much they used it.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar Warbird Photos
Photo ID: 1011581
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Notes: I would feel better if '04Z wasn't this far back in the boneyard in Fairbanks. I'd like to think that the control surfaces are off for recovering and that they will soon be back on. That's my optimistic and sometimes unrealistic side.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
History from FAA files: 11/79 Bill of Sale, USA Sales Contracting Officer, DPDR, Ogden, UT, for "C-119L, Serial 53-7836, Fairchild Hiller Corp (Flying Boxcar) Model: M110, Mfg. Data Plate Shows: C-119G, Serial 11253", to Dross Metals, Tucson, AZ for $8,364.12.

9/80 to J. D. Gifford and Assoc., Anchorage, AK; 1/81 Application for Registrations shows it as N8504Z, Fairchild C-119L, 53-7836 11253; 4/81 Security Agreement showing five C-119's (also N8504W, N8504X, N8504Y, N8505A); Subsequent FAA registration documents call it C-119G, s/n 11253 but some Airworthiness documents call it a C-119L, 53-7836.

5/82 FAA Operating Limitations for ferry permit for maintenance, Tucson, AZ to Seattle, WA; 5/82 Application for Special Airworthiness Certificate, Restricted Category, for carriage of cargo. Shows year as 1953, 6632-TTAF. Engines are Wright R3350-89B, props 43H60-605; 6/82 Airworthiness Certificate issued for "Carriage of cargo by Surplus Military Aircraft as Special Purpose Operation and FAR 21.25 (b) (7). Restricted Category Aircraft, TC Data Sheet A5NW".

2/85 To Gerald C. Ball, Anchorage, AK; 8/86 To Northern Pacific Transport, Anchorage; 4/87 To Alaska Aircraft Leasing, Anchorage.

8/89 337 On installation of Westinghouse J34WE34 standby jet engine per Hawkins-Powers Aviation STC SA1549NM; 6/90 Application for Special Airworthiness Certificate shows 6853-TTAF; 6/90, 30-Day Special Operating Limitations for aircraft while operated by International Seafoods.

10/91 Repossessed by and subsequently registered to First National Bank of Anchorage; 8/92 To Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Greybull, WY; 9/92 to Anchorage Flight, Anchorage; 7/93 337 On installation of Everts' bulk fuel system; 8/93 Application for Special Airworthiness Certificate, Restricted Category for carriage of cargo. Shows 7265-TTAF, certificate and Operation Limitations issued; 8/94 To Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, AK.
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