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Curtiss C-46 Hot Stuff, N1837M Airliner Photos
Photo ID: 1011558
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Model: Curtiss C-46F-1-CU
Commando, CW-20-B4
Registration: N1837M
Year: 1945 Serial Number: USAF 44-78565, c/n 22388
Engine(s): P&W R2800-51M, 18-Cyl, Twin Row Radials, 2000-Hp, B- Series Owner: Everts Air Fuel, Inc
Fairbanks, AK
Location: PAFA, Fairbanks International, Fairbanks, AK Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July 2004 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 12/13/04 - "Hot Stuff" was born in Buffalo, NY, probably in 1945, as Curtiss C-46F, USAF 44-78565, tail number 478565, c/n 22388. It is one of many that were leased to the airlines, including "non-scheds", after WWII.

N1837M has been in Alaska most of the time since 1955, with about 17-years in Canada as CF-FNC. I saw it in Fairbanks in July 2004. More history from FAA records follows the photos.
Curtis C-46 Wein Alaska Airlines N1837M Photographs
Photo ID: 1011559
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Notes: In 1958 Wein Alaska Airlines overhauled N1837M. They modified the cargo doors to swing from the side rather than being hinged at the top and converted the aircraft to Super C-46 configuration. Note that the forward cargo door only goes to the wing root fairing, but on some others it extends further forward.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Curtis C-46 Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, Hot Stuff
Photo ID: 1011560
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Notes: Hot Stuff has served a lot of operators. After the USAF it went to Conner Air Lines in Miami; Wein Alaska Airlines, Fairbanks, AK; Northern Consolidated Airlines, Anchorage; Everts, Fairbanks; Reindeer Air Service, Inuvik, NWT, Canada; Northland Air Manitoba in Canada; and back to Everts. Others are reported but I couldn't confirm them.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Curtiss C-46 CF-FNC, C-FFNC, N1837M Photos
Photo ID: 1011561
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Notes: N1837M heading out with another load.

I hope to be in Alaska again in mid-'05 and want to get some shots like this from the top of a motor home.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Curtiss C-46 Commando Warbird Aircraft Photos
Photo ID: 1011562
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Notes: Bye bye!
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
History from FAA files: 8/50, Lease from USAF, Air Material Command, to Conner Air Lines, Inc., for Curtiss C-46F s/n 22388; 9/50 Certificate of Registration shows Conner Air Lines, Miami Springs, FL as Lessee and Operator, and United States Air Force of the National Defense Establishment of the United States, as Lessor and Owner on Curtiss C-46F, 44-78565, s/n 22388, N1837M.

10/2/50, CAA 337, Modifications accomplished to remove aircraft from Spec. A-808 and certificate under Spec A-772, Part II for C-46F aircraft; 10/3/50 337, Installed 38 canvas type bucket seats on both sides of cabin, typical Army C-46 installation. Installed 10 Aerodex double seats, model 100, in center aisle of cabin; 10/3/50 337, Aircraft converted from 45,000 lbs. gross to 48,000 gross; 10/29/50 337, Installed "Skyfelt" headliner in cabin interior, installed Aerodex double lavatory in rear cabin, installed water supply tank for lavatories, installed 26 double seats in cabin as follows: Seven doubles on right side and three doubles on left side at the front, and three doubles on right and two on left, at rear of cabin. Also installed 14 double Payloader seats in the center of the cabin, seven on each side. (Sounds like someone couldn't make up their mind on seats!)

9/54, Aircraft returned to the Air Force; 9/55 Sold to Wein Alaska Airlines, Fairbanks, AK, for $70,000, financed for 36-months; 3/52 337, Installed Payloader seats for 52-passengers; 11/52 337, Rug and seats removed from cabin, cargo flooring installed; 7/53 337, removed cargo flooring, reinstalled rug and seats; 1/56 Application for Airworthiness shows 6813-TT; 6/58 337, Wein performs aircraft overhaul. Modified cargo doors so they swing from the side rather than hinged at the top. Modified aircraft to Super C-46 configuration per Aircraft Engineering Foundation Super 46 kit.

3/68, Sold to Northern Consolidated Airlines, Anchorage, AK; 5/68 Sold to C. R. Everts and Lloyd A Rekow, Fairbanks, AK; 4/73, Request to the FAA to cancel the registration and notify DOT in Canada; Aircraft goes to Reindeer Air Service, Inuvik, NWT, Canada and is registered as CF-FNC; 9/90, Canadian registration cancelled; Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, purchases C-FFNC from Northland Air Manitoba; 6/92 Application for Airworthiness shows 28,745-TT; 9/92 337, aircraft modified for Everts' removable bulk fuel system; 10/93 337 for repairs to left wing and landing gear, from hard landing.
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